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                      Seder olam

Explaination of books allegedly called Apocrypha of Old testament  On 13 Oct

Arko volume consisting Letter of  Caiaphas (AD32) on 14 oct

Translation on Archko Volume

Explanations on  Acts of Pilate mentioned by Church Father on 30 oct by Biblekrps

Explaination on Epistle of Apostles on 11 Nov by Biblekrps

Explanation on Acts 29 on November 24

Explaination on Gospel of Peter as Partially False on Dec 15


1]Life of Apostles and Disciples

2]Begining of Christianity and 5 Centre in detail

3. Epistle of Paul to Alexandrians

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Epistle of Paul to Alexandria

There was a Small  Epistle said to Be written By Paul, Just like Loadecians Called Epistle of Paul to Alexandrians. There is also a Forged E...

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